Karl Lagerfeld’s Famous Cat Will Be One Of The Heirs Of His Massive Fortune

Creative director of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld has passed way at the age of 85 in Paris. He passed on all of his fortune which is about £150 million to his cat known as Choupette. It is a sad time for the whole fashion world as one of the best creative artists has left the world. The attention from the late fashion guru has shifted to his famous pet as when the news broke out that Choupette is the heir of his wealth.

Choupette; The Famous Cat

It is getting more famous after the death of its owner. Choupette now has its own Instagram account which is run by the digital marketing expert Ashley Tschudin. The account covers all the activities done by the cat. For now, it has about 120,000 followers which is mind blowing that a cat has this much followers. The entitlement of the fortune was presented by the French Newspaper Le Figaro.

The Interview

In an interview in 2015, Karl Lagerfeld said that his cat is the heiress of his fortune which he repeated in one his recent interviews in 2018 that Choupette will also be a heir of his fortune. This implies that there are others who will get the part of his fortune. To take care of the cat, it is not cleared yet. There are sources which are saying that model Brad Kroenig and his son Hudson will be the ones to take care of Choupette. Karl was known to be the godfather of Hudson. This was the deep love for the cat that the late Karl Lagerfeld had. The whole process of passing on the fortune will be handled by the professional law firm Slater and Gordon.

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