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Keanu Reeves Has Been Secretly Donating Millions to Children’s Hospitals for Years


Keanu Reeves is known for being one of the nicer movie stars around, generously donating to charity out of the kindness of his heart rather than because it’s a career PR boost. (Source: ladbible)

Keanu reeves who is famous and well known for being of the nicest movie stars all around and he is also famous for generously donating for charity of his heart’s kindness rather than because it was the PR boost of his career. But the extent to the generosity of Keanu may be surprising for you as it turns out to be been funding for the children’s hospitals and it’s been a long time now.

Yes, this is true that the start of the matrix and john wicks runs a charitable foundation which is a private institute and it works to look and help the positive endeavours like there is cancer research and the kid’s hospital wards. This is a fact which he hardly had shared with anyone till now.

Keanu Reeves Has Been Secretly Donating Millions To Childrens Hospitals For Years 1

Snopes about Keanu

According to snopes, Keanu made a statement in a ladies home journal from the year 2009 stating that he had a private foundation and it has now been five to six years and it works well to help a couple of research centers and some children hospitals. He said that he really doesn’t like to link his name to things like it and he just let the foundation work by itself. Well, Keanu isn’t just doing this for any reason but he has some personal reason behind helping the people with cancer and his sister Krim was diagnosed with leukaemia in the year 1990s before it went into remission and he hasn’t told it to anyone about it.

Public Efforts

But he was found to be manning the phones in 2008 in the cancer telethon by the public efforts and the list wrote that the stars like Reeves are those who generously give their time to people who need and they use their star power so that they could encourage the fans to become donors, callers and the participants in the efforts to heal cancer. Well cancer research isn’t an affordable thing and it is expensive to be funded and it was even tougher for Keanu to put his fame in risk to raise the awareness of cancer and its causes among people and it’s surely a generous thing. Well amazingly, not only this, Reeves donates to some other charities too like there is SCORE and another charity which is founded in support of the hockey players who face spinal injuries.


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