Kelly Catlin

Suicide attempt by Kelly Catlin, the Olympic Cyclist:

The famous Kelly Catlin, US Olympic track cyclist, gave up on her life this week. Her father says that it was a suicidal attempt that took her life. Mark Catlin was Kelly’s father. He reported to the VeloNews about her daughter’s death. He said that Kelly died on a Friday night at her home in California. He didn’t dig into the details regarding her suicide attempt. But, he said, “There isn’t a minute that goes by that we don’t think of her and think of the wonderful life she could have lived. The hurt is unbelievable.” Of course, it was hard for her family to bear the great loss at such a young age.

Kelly’s achievements in life:

Due to Kelly’s enthusiasm, hard work and talent, the US women’s pursuit team became able to receive the silver medal in a competition. This competition was held at the Rio de Janeiro in the year 2016. This incident made all of Kelly’s friends, teammates, staff and coaches grievous and sad.

What CEO of USA Cycling says about the girl?

Rob DeMartini is the USA Cycling’s CEO. According to him, “The entire cycling community is mourning this immense loss. We are offering continuous support to Kelly’s teammates, coaches and staff. We also encourage all those who knew Kelly to support each other through the grieving.” Thus, the whole team of Kelly Catlin, and all her teachers have been provided full support by the CEO. They are all sad about continuing without the help of Kelly Catlin.

More about Kelly Catlin:

Kelly Catlin had been a world champion three times over the whole sports career of hers. She was also a graduate degree holder in the subject of computational mathematics at Stanford. At the time she died, she was only 23 years in age. Dying at such a young age definitely leaves everyone astonished and sad whoever hears about it.

Cause of the suicide attempt:

Nobody really know the reason behind Kelly’s attempt of suicide. Not a single trace of why she thought of committing such an act. Her father also didn’t give any clue nor did he go into the details of her committing the suicide. Maybe it was depression or something, but who knows. The secret is buried away with her.

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