It has been told by the ex-wife of Ken that he had been fighting with some heart disease for some months before his death. He also had a stint surgery in October.

She added that in the recent weeks just before he died, his heart illness had a rapid increase and it continued to worsen. She said that he had been in and out of the hospital in his last days. Jackie also said that ken’s partner Susie and their daughter Jennifer has been there with Ken until his end.

She said that it has been 26 years since Susie had been with Ken and she was always there to encourage him through his illness.

Ken also had his final wishes and that was they were told to donate the motion picture fund for the people that is actually a retirement community for the actors present there. He had a planning to get retire there.  Ken Berry started his career being a part of the classic TV series that included Mayberry RFD and F Troop.

According to the statement of his ex-wife he had died on Saturday. Ken played the role of Sam Jones on The Andy Griffith Show and also in Mayberry that was a spin-off but he was so known and beloved for his role as Capt.Parmenter in a western sitcom that has been there for two years from 1965 to 1967. One of his costars, Larry Storch who has also been a good friend to him had given his reaction to the news saying that they hoped he knew how much he was loved.




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