Kim Kardashian is studying to become a lawyer

Kim Kardashian is studying to become a lawyer

Kim Kardashian has got her legal ambitions. She is the reality TV star who is now to take her exams in the year 2022 in California. The exams that she is going to take is the bar exams.  She had an interview with Vogue in which she said that she had a hard and long time for thinking about this. She said that she has started the four year apprenticeship with a law based firm last summer while she was in San Francisco. She also played a role, which was a key role in Alice Marie Johnson at the time of its release. She is now of age 63 and she had spent 21 years of her life in a non-violent drug charge.

By that time till now, Kardashian has been spending her life in working with the activists and the lawyers and those also included the commentator of the CNN, Van Jones, on the national bipartisan advocacy group on the justice reforms for the criminals.

She in one of her interviews had said that this has never been just a one person who would have got the things done for her. Yet it has always been the collective struggle of the people and she had always been familiar with the role she has to play but she now felt like if she always wanted to fight for the rights of the people who have paid their parts of dues for the sake of the society.  She is going to take her exams in California for the year 2022, the bar exams as the California is regarded to be one of those four states which allows the people to take an alternate method so that they can take the bar exam without attending any law school for that.



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