Police after shooting man with knife in barcelona

Barcelona. 6 A.M. 20th. August, 2018:

  • Man entered the police station in Cornella, Barcelona with a kinfe.
  • He was around 29 years old.
  • Origin: Algerian
  • According to local police officials, Man wanted to attack them.
  • But the officer at reception table just shot him!

This happened at 6 a.m when a man entered police station with a Knife and shoted “Allahu Akbar”. The police station is situated at outskirts of Cornella. However, Barcelona is a very peaceful place where people from different religions are living happily.

According to a tweet explained by Dailymail: ‘A man armed with a knife has accessed the police station in Cornella this morning with the aim of attacking officers. He has been taken out.’

After the office on reception shot him, local authorities tried to revive him. But he was killed at the spot and emergency services could not save him.

However, some sources tells that this all happened just after the three days anniversary of terrorist attack in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas. The previous incident happened due to killing of 22 people by Moroccan Younes Abouyaaqoub last year on August 17th. Police shot him and he was buried lately.

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