Billionaire Koch brothers take on Trump over tariffs

Influential billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are up to funding a wide campaign in response to President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs.

Needless to say that the campaign will be one involving millions of dollars.

Washington. 8th. June 2018: Three political groups will be involved in the campaign, and all three are to some extent or the other, supported by the brothers. The campaign will consist in promoting the advantages of free trade with the help of ads, lobbying, and politics.

The reason behind such a wide anti-Trump initiative is the fact that Trump just imposed tariffs on aluminum and steel coming from Mexico, the EU, and Canada. And Koch’s involvement in this campaign can be explained by their having various businesses in numerous fields, including pipelines.

The brothers say that their political activism is not unknown to the Americans. Indeed, they have put enormous amounts of money to defend their interests, be it the denial of climate change, the denial of unions’ and workers’ rights, the reform of the criminal justice or the support of the American Civil Liberties Union.

In november 2017, the brothers have contributed to the funding of the Meredith Corporation when it was to acquire Time Inc (US magazine publisher). At that time, this contribution caused many to wonder whether the brothers were doing this in order to gain editorial influence.

The tariffs imposed by Trumps have  disappointed key US allies such as the UK. The three groups that are at the origin of the campaign (i.e. the Libre Initiative, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce) are willing to convince  Trump to lift the tariffs on the imports of steel and aluminum, along with the tariffs that are being planned for other products being imported from China.

Among the three groups, the concerns are identical: American businesses should not bear higher costs. This would only result in loss for the Americans. Countries concerned have expressed their will to retaliate.

Trump believes this decision is necessary for the protection of American steelmakers.

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