A claim is made by the frozen star that you can’t kiss someone if they are sleeping

The Disney Frozen’s star opened to a magazine which is parenting based. She showed her concerns over the classic cartoons which were released in the year 1938 by Disney.  She said that she asked daughters that whether they found it offensive or not that the prince kissed the snow white without even seeking her permission. She said that she also asked her daughters that if they thought it to be strange that the princess didn’t asked the witch that why she needed a apple to ear and she also guided them to not to take anything to eat from the strangers.

Bell after she had made such statement had been mocked for politicizing a cartoon show which was created 80 years before. Kristen Bell claims that the cartoon show snow white sent the wrong message to the children as it shows that the prince kissed the princess when she was asleep and this is ethically wrong. The frozen star had spoken to parenting about the concerns which were in her mind after she had read snow white to her daughters Delta, Five, Lincoln and three.

She said that every time she read that story to her girls, she looked at them and asked that if they didn’t think it to be weird that Snow White was offered with an apple at the time when she didn’t asked for one. After she read the story to her daughter she asked them that why they don’t think it to be unfair that the prince kissed the princes without seeking her consent.

She was hardly criticized when she made these comments and Actor James Woods was among those who criticized her. She said that she explained to her daughters that she won’t take anything to eat from the strangers and when she asked her daughters about they would do they replied with the same answer and she thought that she is doing the right thing.  Veronica Mars was also of the same view as her and she also asked her daughters about this romance story-line which she found to be offering a wrong view for the children. She asked her children that what do they think of the scene that the prince kissed the princess without her permission because you can’t kiss someone who is sleeping.

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