Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

The sources dropped a bombshell for the entertainment industry geeks as they came up with words about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott getting married. The couple is keeping their life a little close to themselves and do not want much intervention from the outside which makes them a much private KarJenner couple that we have seen. However, after parenting their daughter Stormi Webster for six months, the couple has finally started discussing about taking the next step and getting married.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Their love for their daughter Stormi Webster is bringing them even closer to each other and this has made their bond even stronger. However, they want to be sure that they have a slow and steady approach and are taking one step at a time. So, we might not be able to see a wedding centric Keeping Up With the Kardashians soon but the rumors are that it will happen.

As far as Kris Jenner is concerned, whenever she sees the couple together, it seems to her that they are on the right foot. However, her concerns about starting a family so young for Kylie were there. The fact that she didn’t had much of the say in the family call was there and she is aware that Kylie always do whatever she is willing to do so it all ends with best wishes.

Talking about the famous sisters of Kylie, Travis has also won their hearts. All of them seem to be pleasantly surprised about the involvement of Travis in the family. Considering that he has a long career ahead of him, his focus towards his daughter and the attention he has given to Kylie, along with assuring that they are getting the right time, has convinced them all.

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