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Lady Gaga Delivers Pizza and Coffee to Evacuees in Wildfire Shelters after Fleeing Malibu Home

The mother monster Lady Gaga observed a new practice by delivering meals to the needy people on the world kindness day which was on last Tuesday. Lady Gaga after she had been forced to flee her home at Malibu because of the sweeping in California dropped that in a Red Cross shelter housing evacuees. She didn’t come empty handed after that and the super star then came with stock of pizzas, coffee and gift cards for those who were in need of all that including great care. She also shared of that special day and her special acts on her instagram account and also sends messages regarding those relieving efforts which she had been making for those who had been away from their homes and from any sort of possessions. She posted her images by writing some messages for the fans and the followers which read that this for all who are doing efforts to grant love, shelter and support in terms of mental health to all those people who currently need it in California.

Lady Gaga’s Photos

Another photo which she posted, gaga was posing with a squad of evacuees who had raised their claws in solidarity and the text on the photo reads that all they were having is each other and kindness is the key thing to make the world go round. Gaga also has uploaded a video clip in which she was wearing baseball cap which showed her Malibu pride. She in the video said that that was her favorite day in the whole year because that was the world’s kindness day. She said that she is posting the videos and the picture stuff to encourage everyone who ever is seeing that to encourage the acts of kindness for everyone who wants to do so. Well, that wasn’t her first visit to the shelters and he she took more than 90 minutes for reporting in handling of the gift cards and also posted for photos. Not only this, the famous singer Joanne sang for a 98 year old woman so that the spirits of evacuees could be bolstered in her. To those who seek shelter, Gaga gave a message by saying that she has got extended love for them and that she knew that she doesn’t even know them but still she loved them. She said that she knows that it’s an emergency and she assured them that they are not alone in those circumstances.



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