Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Kacey Musgraves dominates Grammys 2019

Grammys 2019: Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Kacey Musgraves dominate

The famous country star, Musgraves had picked up the four main awards that also included the best album of the year award while at the same time Childish Gambino had won four awards too. Cardi B has made the history by being the first ever female rapper to win this award.

The british top pop star, Dua Lipi got the award of the best new entrant and she had given the tribute of the best lineup for a lot of other female artists in the same category.  She gave a statement at the dig at the Grammys president Nail Portnow and in that she said that for her this year they have really stepped up. Neil Portnow is the person who last year had tried to deflect the criticism for the lack of female winners and as a criticizing statement he said that the women are highly needed to step up.

He this year had appeared on the stage to make an apology by saying that the past year, he had been reminded that if he is coming face to face for the issues to open up the eyes of the people, he should have to make more commitment in order to bring more change if needed.

Dua also had spoken backstage by saying that for her being into the completely new artist category and having so much female artists who have got nominated is surely a big change and this is a change for which people have been waiting for so long for many years.

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