The title of the best film of the year was given to the Green book that is the most famous drama and the best actor being Viggo Mortensen that has been granted by the national board of review in one of the first place for the parade of the awards session.

The NBR awards were announced on Tuesday and the Oscar who was granted is like a hope of the universal green book a jolt. Peter Farrelly is the director of the film and it was declared to be the Oscar favorite to be taken as the audience award in the Toronto international film festival.

But within the two weeks of the release of the film, it has to struggle to latch for the box office and some of critics that is to be called to portray the race elections being criticized and old fashioned being for relying on the white savior tropes. The stars of the film Mahershala Ali played the Don Shirley a classical pianist who tours the Deep South in the year 1962 being a racist Italian-American which is played by Mortensen.

The remade of a Star is born was lauded by Bradley Cooper who took some other top awards which includes the award for best director for Cooper and the best actress was won by Lady Gaga and the supporting actor award was won by Sam Elliot. James Baldwin, Barry Jenkins adaptation If Beale Street Could Talk took prizes for the screenplay for Jenkins and for the supporting performance done by Regina King in the play.

Though there may be sometimes when it was completely set to be called as an Oscar Harbinger by the National Board of Review being a 109 year old organization of the film enthusiasts, the professionals and the academics being typically devastation from the best picture winners eventually.



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