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Your immunity can beat leukemia: A new treatment reveals

Cameron had battled with leukemia for about 8 years and has relapsed twice. Now, when his parents think about him, they can only imagine the things that he has missed out on in his childhood.

Rather than attending regular classes and be among the children that fill out play grounds, Cameron was more about going in and out of the hospital. Living in Newmarket, Ont., he had been under chemotherapy process for several years.

The process of chemotherapy was pretty strong and it directly had a toll on his immune system. Several infections hit him during the treatment, one after the other, and he was suffering from the effects. Losing all the hair, constantly battling with the fevers, there was a time when he was unable to walk for a whole year.

He was diagnosed with the cancer of the blood at the age of 3 years. Since then, till the age of 10, he fought with the cancer and relapsed it for the second time in 2016. The team End Of Life scheduled a meeting with the parents at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and went on to meet the Lahti family.

CAR T Cell Therapy

The chemotherapy wasn’t proving to be effective for the children and at that time the only other available option was the bone marrow transplant. Even with it, the family was in doubt due to the lifelong side effects that might come with the procedure.

Debbie and Richard were not willing to give up on their son and were always looking for the options. Then they came across the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy

The aim of CAR-T cell therapy is to re-engineer the cells of a patient so that they are able to recognize the cancer and attack it.

“Normally, the immune system is not able to fight leukemia cells. With the CAR-T cell technology, what we do is we take immune cells from the patient, we send them to a lab manufacturing facility, and what they do there is that they genetically modify the lymphocytes — immune cells of the patient — in a way that they now can recognize leukemia cells as something foreign, as something they need to attack,” said SickKids’ Dr. Joerg Krueger.

Taken from Global News https://shawglobalnews.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/car-t-cell-therapy_infographic.jpg?quality=70&strip=all&strip=all

The treatment was recently approved in Canada and not all the patients qualify for it. Although there are certain side effects to it, the treatment made immune system recognize the cancerous cells and it started battling with it, eliminating it one after the other, and finally the leukemia was gone.


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