Tyra Banks

Life-Size 2 trailer sees Tyra Banks’ Eve flirting with ‘extra special friend’

So here is a special welcome to you at the Sunnyvale’s doll hamlet were liquid butter is somehow regarded as a drinkable delicacy over the judgment of Life-Size 2 trailer and it would also be acceptable for the payment of the shopping bills which are worth $12,485 by a fake credit card. But just taking in view the statements of Eve, there would be a sweet and lovely doll like it’s a Barbie doll, would then come to life with help of a magical spell that was being performed by two young ladies due to which that was transitioned to humanity and it’s not the same as being done for the second time.

Eve is the 25 years aged CEO of a toy company which manufactured Grace being played by Francia Raisa. And in the trailer, Eve tells grace to be her special friend. This all happened a few time after she had entered into the real world to help his new fellow to get her remaining life crisis corrective before the Eve line altogether is canceled by Grace. Grace tells Eve that it was the time for him to go because she is sure that Eve is completely crazy.

And in fact it seems like she is having some point and the logic behind what she said to get her out of some severe situations which also include a special friend, but an extra special one at some fashion swindle or it could be at some holiday party. At nearing to the end of the clip, Eve says to grace that he was the best friend which a doll could ever wish for or want.

Banks is the one who has now reprised the role of Eve and this is for the first time for him since after he had confronted his 2000 alongside Lindsay Lohan and he was previously being told that he would be there to feature an iconic outfit in the sequel. But after sometime, later on it was revealed that they were actually two outfits, one was the pink cardigan look of Eve which is also regarded as his signature look and the second one is his professional getup of his as the Secretary. He had also played somehow same characters in an 18 years old film. it was also deeply noticed by Raisa that anyhow Eve’s mind is still stuck in some old 20th century comedy.



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