Lindsay Lohan punched in face, accused a couple of trafficking their kids

Lindsay Dee Lohan, known across the globe for her work in the fashion and entertainment industry, has been in one of the most bizarre videos that you will ever see. Known for her multiple talents, work as a businesswoman and singer, an actor, and fashion designer, she was involved in a shocking incident where she got punched in the face. She accused a couple of trafficking their kids and when things took a serious turn she was left with a mark on her face.

In the video, the celeb was shown in Moscow. She got out of her car and approached a family. There were 2 boys standing with their parents as they spoke about getting help. She said that they are Syrian refugees and are in need of help.

Things were going pretty smooth and it looked to be a very decent video where a couple was asking for some help and it appeared that a celeb, like it happens widely, would give them the helping hand and rescue them out of trouble. However, it is when the thoughts of people were proved to be wrong as things took a serious turn.

From where did it came, nobody knows and it doesn’t appear to be that way. However, Lindsay Lohan, probably from her gut feeling or from anything that she heard in a brief talk with the couple, accused the individuals of trafficking their kids. She yells in English as well as Arabic, saying different things to the couple among which the most notable was probably her saying to the parents that ‘you are ruining Arabic culture.’

She tailed the family for a while and also attempted to take the children from the parents. Things were getting serious and the patience of the mother was over sooner than later. It is when you see the mother snap in the video and attack Lindsay Lohan, socking her in the face and showing rage and anguish.

Soon, the video ended with Lindsay in tears, saying that all she wanted to do was to save the boys, as apparently she thought that the parents were trafficking the kids.

Individuals that saw the video have a mixed reaction where some people said that Lindsay did the right thing while others stated that she made a mistake. But the truth is still to be uncovered which we might do soon. However, this would still be one of the most bizarre videos that you will see.


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