RWBY and gen:LOCK comics coming next year

RWBY and gen:LOCK comics coming next year

On Sunday in New York Comic Con the Austin based media company Rooster Teeth that it is doing a partnership with DC Comics for the production of a slate of comic books which is based on intellectual property. The slate which is going to be produced includes the web series of comic spin offs named RWBY and the new to be coming an animated science fiction progam, Gen:LOCK.  Both of these comic books will be available digitally and also physically in the year 2019. RWBY is based on the world which is full of the horrific monsters and death and destruction, in a world where humanity and hope lied with the power of huntresses and huntsmen.

In the comic book, gen:LOCK, the Earth which is the last and the only free society to live in is losing the side of a global war that recruits a team containing young energetic pilots for controlling the generation of robots bodies like mecha for the giants. These courageous teams will find out that their newly developed abilities are at no enough cost. The series starts are David Tennant, Asia Kate Dillon, Golshifteh Farahani, Koichi Yamadera, Maisie Williams, Dakota Fanning, and Michael B. Jordan.

The company’s head of animation, Gray G. Haddock said in a statement that all of them are honored that the tales which has been a part of our hearts for so long would now be found at our homes. He said that with the help of these comic books, we look forward to spend some more time with our beloved characters and to take a deeper look in the worlds and the newer journeys. DC is the industry’s leader and also he is a caretaker of the pantheon. He said that there will be amazing fun and more to enjoy.

The publisher and the creative officer Jim lee said that they are all exited to do this partnership with the highly hardworking and the creative teams at the Rooster Teeth. This will make expansion in the world with the amazing and the popular stories and the characters. This is how more fans could be introduced to the story. The graphic novels and the comic books both will focus on connecting the stories between seasons, and it will also explore the adventures regarding the supporting characters which play a direction role in the over all play, it will also impact on story line.


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