FDA recalls another blood pressure drug for possible cancer risk

A third medication for the blood pressure has been announced by the food and drug administration of U.S as the possible risk for cancer. It has been reported by the authorities that this drug has got some contamination of the drugs that might cause cancer. Sandoz Inc is the medicine that is now going to be banned as because they contain losartan potassium hydrochlorothiazide and they could also have any suspected impurity of N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA).

This is the substance that could probably contain the human carcinogen which according to the international research agency on cancer. The losartan tablets of 100 to 25 milligram affected the recall that have the allocation number of JB8912. That contaminated medicine got started distributing after October 8th. It has been strictly advised to the patients who are currently taking this medicine that they should stop taking it right now or they should contact their doctor and ask them if they should quit using it because the risk of cancer from taking this medicine is still present and it couldn’t be recalled before November 8th.

The patients who still have any queries regarding the medicines could contact at 800-525-8747 to Sandoz Inc. or they can also email their queries at usdrugsafety.operations@novartis.com. Recently, a recall for the blood pressure medication has been issued because of the contamination concerns of NDEA. Over the summer, same medication was recalled by the authority due to the presence of some contaminated stuff in the medicine.


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