According to the reports and the statements, Mac Miller was found by his assistant in his bed in the praying position and he was in an unresponsive position. He was found in the position to be on the bed kneeling towards his face while he was resting on his knees. The assistant described his situation by already being blue when he called 911. He said that he had the one forth inch abrasion on his nose and there was blood coming out of his nostril.  Near Mac’s body, there was an empty alcohol bottle lying on the nightstand and there was also a bottle of the medically prescribed pills in the bathroom. The pills which were recovered in Mac’s home included generic Adderall, hydrocodone, oxycodone and Xanax.

A rolled up bill worth $20 of white powdery was also found in the right pocket of Mac and his iPad was found in the studio that had the linear white powder residue. Two baggies were also finding in his home with the white powder. It was later on told in a statement that the amount of each drug which was taken by him was not in bulk but the combination of all those drugs which he had taken were the reason behind his death.

The report also contained the details of the tattoos on Mac’s body and there were the complete details about all the tattoos which included the No Woman No Cry, Most Dope and Einstein Face.

TMZ has learnt that Mac Miller had diet from the mix of cocaine and fentanyl.  The story was actually broken by the TMZ that Mac had died in September when his body was found in his bedroom in noon in his home at San Fernando. He was immediately announced as death at the scene. The reports showed that someone from Mac’s home called 911 of the emergency and initially it was being called that the patient had got the cardiac arrest. Mac had a battle with substance abuse for some years this is why Ariana Grande ended up breaking with him.

He was also arrested by DUI in a hit and run case in May when he wrecked his G-wagon in a utility pole. Later on it was confessed by the cops that he two times blown the legal limit. Ariana also later on twitted about him by advising him to take care of himself.

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