Maggie Gyllenhaal

The well known star from The Kindergarten Teacher, Maggie Gyllenhaal is about to adopt the famous movie THE LOST DAUGHTER’s direction soon. Among many other Hollywood stars who have been graduated to being the directors, Meggie Gyllenhaal will also be the one who is going to take the challenge and direct the movie. From actress to the director is the important journey for the actress Maggie and this news is getting spread all over these days.

The representative team of the actress Maggie has announced on Friday, that the actress is going to have the directorial debut with the adoption of the movie based on the novel of Elena Ferrante’s The Lost Daughter published in 2006. Along with the production team of hers, she will direct this movie and also she will develop the movie’s script too. This experience will show the audience how skillful the actress actually is. As we know that the famous star Maggie Gyllenhaal was also nominated in the OSCAR awards and this itself is an achievement for the actors to be the nominee of the awards like OSCAR. Now she is going to make her name prominent in the field of the directors and we hope that she will not disappoint her fans in this challenge too.

The Lost Daughter is basically a story of a daughter and her parents. The daughter leaves her home and her parents with her personal choice in order to find the real self of her. When the family vacates their family home, the daughter realizes that she needs to find out the true sense of liberation and she leaves her parents. Leda, the daughter wants freedom and she gets one but the story is not that simple. There are some trials from which Leda has to go through.

She takes this holiday just by the sea but there are some demons from the past that she has to confront and such a soothing place like sea can get horrifying for her. This is the summary of the novel that is going to be launched in the form of a movie soon which will be further scripted and directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, so the excitement level is still up as we do not know what is going to be the final story of the movie and how Maggie is going to direct such family drama plus horror genre of the movie.

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