Maine Mendoza And Arjo Atayde

It’s Official: Maine Mendoza And Arjo Atayde Are Exclusively Dating!

It has now been finally confirmed by Arjo Atade that he would be dating Maine Mendoza and there had been the dating rumors for both of them for last some months and in an answer to that, he said in a press conference that is the happiest person on the planet because she is the reason why he keeps on laughing all the time.  The actor at that time was actually tight lipped for the details of the relationship they had been having in their relationship but being online he had to say a lot of things by being bashed directed at the couple and also on the family.  Arjo said that this is okay for him to tolerate if someone insults him because he is impulsive but he is never going to bear if someone insults Maine or his family. He said that he was ignoring the posts on social media but if someone dares to do that in his face, he will surely be going to hit the hell out of it.


He added that he despise being disrespectful for the people and for his family if gets affected and for Maine because she had been disrespected and this is really not going to be okay for him. But for him, no one would be tolerated if say the stuff like this in front of him.  Arjo said that he had stopped reading the comments which are being online and the other thing is that he has realized that they belong to the bashers. He said that they don’t keep up talking with the troll accounts and the stud which cause it going to happen for him. He said he really can’t fight back against the nameless people because for him that would be the wastage of time.



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