Westminster car crash

Westminster car crash: Man taken into the custody for terror offences

A man has been arrested in the car incident outside of the Houses of Parliament and on terrorism charges. There is a suspicion of terrorism in the actions.

The vehicle came crashing into the barriers outside the Houses of Parliament after injuring the cyclists and pedestrians after around 7:30 BST. Three individuals were injured in the incident.

The 29 year old male arrested by the authorities is an unknown figure for MI5 and counter terrorism police. It is stated that he is not cooperating with the offices. The Birmingham and Nottingham is under surveillance and searches are being carried out in the area.

Among three injured, two were treated at the hospital and were discharged shortly afterwards.

Neil Basu, who is Assistant Commissioner and head of the counter terrorism department of Scotland Yard, stated that the act appears to be intentional which is why the incident is treated as an act of terrorism. He also added that there are no intelligence reports of London or the whole of UK being in any danger.

No other person was inside the car neither any weapons have been found upon search.

The meeting was held of the Cobra emergency committee and prime minister applauded the courage of the emergency response team stating that they were onto the scene and helping individuals despite the fact that there were alarms of further danger coming as they ran to help people. She also asked her people to remain observant but normal as the incident has occurred for the second time in two years when terrorism acts happened right outside the house that represents tolerance and freedom.

The suspect has been taken in for investigation and is held at the London police station. He is yet to be formally identified and sources suggests that he is from Birmingham area. Ben Wallace, who is the Security Minister, stated in an interview with BBC that the individual is a British national but is actually from another country.

According to the footages and the words from witnesses, it is believed that the car was intentionally driven from the other side of the road, first into the wrong lane and then onto the pedestrians’ path before crashing into the barriers.

Police has released some details about the car’s movement that suggests that it came from Birmingham to London on Monday. It arrived soon after midnight and it stayed at Tottenham Court Road from 1:25 BST to 05:55 BST after which it came to Westminster around 06:00. Since then, it was drove in the area until the happening.


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