Man bedridden for life after selling kidney to buy iPhone

A young man who was a teenager had bought his kidney to buy a new iPhone and ipad and now he is on his bed for the rest of his life as because his kidney has been failed. He is a Chinese man, named Wang Shangkun and he was of age 17 when he had sold his right kidney to the black market organ harvesters in 2011 April and now he is of age 25 and is I been 8 years for him been living without a kidney.

Mr. Wang who belonged to the Anhui Province that is situated in East china had got AUD$4,500 and he had purchased an iphone 4 and ipad 2 with those funds at the sale of his kidney.

When he was asked of his this critical step, he said that one kidney is enough for him to survive his life as he had to do nothing with having two kidneys. Now Mr. Wang is on the state to die and he is in bed and to survive his kidney failure, he continuously relies on the dialysis.

This information has been revealed by the local reporters recently. He had also developed the renal deficiency shortly after the illegal surgery, which is believed to have led to an infection due to the unsanitary setting where it took place and the apparent lack of the postoperative care. Mr. Wang had also been forced to give up his studies and he now only lives for social benefits. Nine people have been arrested till now who have been found in connection with the case.

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