Manila TIMES – Manila’s bad reputation host JM Rodriguez joined with the crippled Mond Gutierrez which are one of the partners
of the following clubs named Prive and Valkiry aka the pool palace which are located in Manila metropolis has been found to be attacked by Argentina supporters and has been called a “dog face” for disrespecting an Argentinian model in a club with his fellow companion Mond Gutierrez.

Mond Gutierrez has been called out to be a “Gay” “fagg0t” lord for being one of the top partners of those clubs to be involved in bullying.
It went viral recently and the response has been very aggressive on both Twitter and Instagram platforms.

The following content went viral:

JM rodriguez the dog face. @jm_ro @mond

A post shared by BEAUTIFUL CHICKS ❤️ (@babesxbellas) on Jul 4, 2018 at 8:44am PDT


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