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Marathon Runner Finds Abandoned Puppy during Race and Carries Him For 19 Miles

There are no marathons which have been denied or anyone that could be having the running face especially for that matter and this is hard. You in that situation have to pound on the pavement for hours, panting and sweating until your legs feel like give up for you.  So in the situation particularly, you need to have a look on the imaginations to take one athlete for carrying herself to the finish line as well a random dog whom she had met along her way. Khemijra Klongsanun who is of age 43 had been on the marathon in the Rartchaburi that is in western Thailand on last Sunday where she had noticed that the runners have been running around the lonely dog.  While there were also so many runners who straightly didn’t allow the animals to enter their race however Khemijra had slowed down to see if it could find its owner.  The athlete quickly did realize that there was no one have been standing at the side of the road for cheering the people who were there and there was also no houses near there so the dog must have been lost by itself.

What she had done by herself next was really something out of the world as she picked up the dog from there and decided to carry it with her till the finish line which at that time was 19 miles away from that point. The shop owner now has adopted that puppy by believing that it would just be some months old and he had named it after the name of marathon as Chombueng. Khemijra had said that for her it seemed to be like a little guy who had been lost there. There had been no other dogs, no houses, and no people around there so he had picked the puppy out to take it to the safe environment. This is certainly the best ever dog x marathon story which have been happened although there would probably be a Netflix movie like the same story.


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