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Mark Hughes Insists He’s ‘Unfazed’ By Criticism After Southampton’s 3-2 Fulham Defeat

Mark Hughes is the Southampton Manager and he has insisted to be unfazed from the critisicm that happened by a section of saints who were traveling being the supporters of the 3-2 following defeat to Fulham that’d happen on Saturday. Despite from a brace on summer singing with Stuart Armstrong linked with the goals from Andre Schurrle and Aleksandar that condemned the Southampton to defeat those leaves from them to close the previously opened relegation zone.

Well this is really a pressure from the start till now on mount and also on a section of the saints fans that they haven’t won any match since it was the start of September and that was actually directed as you would be getting a sack in morning by chant at Hughes which would move towards the end of the specific match. In an interview done with the Sky Sports, Hughes told them that there’d always be a question and that there’d always be some noise.

He said that there’d always be the chances and the opportunities for the people so that they could question the position you’re on and the work you are doing.

He said that this would be accepted by everyone that if the results won’t remain the same as you want them to be, this is natural that the people would get frustrated and there’d be some times when people would become bit unfair and sometimes people will start smelling blood and will start following it and chasing it. They’d also get a chance to paint the situation by taking in view different angles and lights that are not the way they are supposed to be in reality.

He said that it doesn’t faze him even a bit and he had gone through this part of time a long ago and that he would just get easy with it and with the job. He just wants the best of ability to come up. He said that everyone is working great and hard with all the efforts and there are pressures which are thick and those pressures would surely get some positive outcomes by incurring pressure on them. He said that they have got to put that off and try to get along with it. They have got a chance so that they could better turn that situation out.


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