Trump family gets sued again for engaging in marketing scheme

Donald Trump, his children and the organization of Trump are now in the phase of facing a new class action lawsuit that is over the promotion of some shady and a multilevel marketing businesses. This is something to keep well with the obvious desire of the family to make as much money as it could be possible by as much people as they can.  If looked back in 2005, right the apprentice has been becoming a regrettable and a sensation which the organization of Trump has become to become a partner with ACN that is a multilevel marketing company.

The business model of the ACN has been pretty much being a standard of the MLM racket and the people were there only to make money by recruiting the downstream of the other people who would have then ostensibly selling the products for ACN by making the payments upstream to the people who have recruited them.

Things like the internet plans have been sold by the ACN but the primary product of this company was an outdated video phone like there were taking technologies like Skype and the others. ACN had also been pushing a Frankenstein behemoth which was a desk telephone and it also had a video screen including a webcam and a handset having a keypad too and if someone needed to make a call to anyone, they had then to use an ACN phone.  This is disclosed recently that Trump hadn’t casually been endorsed with this scheme of MLM.


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