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Colin Kaepernick’s attorney slams Maroon 5 for Super Bowl performance ‘cop-out’

The lawyer of Colin Kaepernick has lashed out on the halftime performance of the maroon 5 that has specifically signaled out Adam Levine being the frontman for the ire. This Thursday, Levine of age 39 had told the reporters that he had understood the ramifications of the performance in the halftime in the way of NFL protests against the brutality of the police which is actually Kaepernick of age 31 with the spreadheaded and the silent kneeling that was being done during national anthem.

The Rapper LIL Jon had shown the solidarity with the Maroon 5 after the press conference cancellation of super bowl. Levine at the step of decision making in the super bowl age said that no one can think about that more than him and no one could put forward his more thoughts and love than what he had done and he had spoken to a lot of people and the most important and significant which has been silenced by him is the noise and he had listened to himself then and made the decisions regarding whatever he had been feeling.

He added that those who have still been feeling to be unheard and this is all what he wanted to say because he didn’t want to spoil anything and once again he would like to think that for the people that should now where he actually stand being a human being after now when it has been over two decades for him to doing so.

He said that he is not a speaker and that he is even not a public speaker but he speaks because this is through the music. He added that his life has worked where he had put out to the things for the universe in the most positive and an inspiring manner. Levine continued to say that this is why he will say that everyone knows that how they are going to do what they have been keep doing for so long and hopefully they’ll get the things without becoming the politicians and would continue to make the use of one voice and everyone know how they need to use it properly to let the people get the complete understanding of it that they have got them.  The explanation which he gave was directly not enough for Mark Geragos being the attorney of Kaepernick.


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