Matt Smith and Terry Crews join as James Corden

James Corden has come up with a mashup, joining the Netflix’s The Crown and CBS cop dramas to bring to you Lizzie and The Duke. One is the prince who follow the rules and does stuff by the book while the other, as you can figure out, longest serving monarch in the history of British empire.

Matt Smith comes up with the crown that represents Prince Philip. Corden has his work cut out for the Queen Elizabeth’s role. Both have to set aside their romantic storyline as they are recruited by Chief McDaniels who asks them to join hands and help in cleaning up the Los Angeles.

The queen responds by saying to Philip that let’s go and teach these ‘ruffians’ some decent manners.

The duo works together and, as you can guess, the Elizabeth has been give the role of being the ‘bad cop’ in the storyline. They also come up with an interesting tagline stating that ‘criminals are royally screwed’ which fits in on most of the occasions. However, there are occasions when you will see them screwing themselves up as at one time they would be asked to do the job of meter maids as they blow up a building while on duty.

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