Maurice clarett who is the ex-OSU superstar said that Nick Bosa has been able to make $100 millions in the NFL but this amount is not worth for him to get contend for a title or to stay in the college. Claret has got a little know how of something related leaving the college for the sake of some pros. Back in the year 2003 he has sued the NFL right after the sensational freshman season trial of his and then he became eligible NFL Draft for the year 2004.

Ultimately, clarett lost the suit and he actually didn’t pan out in the NFL but it is an intense feeling that still the top players like Bosa should have their complete focus over the cashing till the next level of games. In the NFL draft of the year 2019, Bosa has been projected as the number one choice of everyone and in the start of this season, just after he has suffered from a core injury the announcement was made by the defensive ends that he would now not be returning into the OSU. Instead he would now just be focusing on the preparation of the NFL for the sake of himself.

In a TV show on the TMZ sports, Clarett told all the fans and everyone watching the show  that Clarett belives on Bosa that he is now doing what’s right for him and he has made the right choice for his career. He said about Bosa that he is going to make more than $100 millions in his career and that he doesn’t wish to be there and to risk it for a championship at national level. He said that it is not really worth it and that it is completely common sense.

He further said that he is not going to go out and risk his life and endanger his career just for the sake of satisfaction of his fans. He said that he is not going to do this at any cost. Clarett is now excelling in the podcase game which is at the top of the itunes chart with a big hit show named ‘Business and Biceps. You can catch on the whole interview of Clarett on the TMZ sports channel in weeknights on FS1.

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