Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri Chelsea Boss has agreed that he is highly disappointed with the players because they have drifted away from the playing and tactics of Long Ball during the next stages of the 2-2 draw that was held with the Manchester United. The Blues in the start of the game hit the front after their dominance had been capitalized by Antonio Rudiger in the first half of the match just before Anthony Martial could brace the second appeared handed defeat to Sarri which was his First Premier League Defeat. This was done before Ross Barkley got stuck to death at a rescue point.

Although the Italian was there to accept the results which were left to tactical lapse of Chelsea that was played in to the United hands in second half of the game. Sarri, in an interview with the reporters told them that at that time of the season, one more point or one less both meant the same in the game and he said that he wanted to play all the matches for those three points. He said that he is really very happy from the amazing performance of the team for the 60 minutes as because the team played football those 60 minutes.

He further said that they hadn’t played the football after the goal to make it reach 1-1, and just the long ball. He said that with that kind of the game, team United is much better than them. He told the reporters that he is very much disappointed with the final 30 minutes of the game and the goal that was made in the last minute was OK to maintain the confidence of the players.

But then he had seen the match to be fit on the bench and he said that he wanted to study just the second part of the match. He added that he had had a talk with his team and he told that he had a very well match for the whole 60 minutes. When the game was at 1-1 they had stopped playing with their football and started playing with the other and he said that he didn’t want the long ball to go to the second ball as he wanted to play with the short passes. The match had six wins and three draws.




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