Measles outbreak in Europe

There is really unbelievable and unexpected news that the people are now dying with Measles. There is a massive outbreak of Measles in Europe that is also a warning sign that US could also fall a prey to it if something isn’t changed soon about it. Until now, there are about 41000 cases of Measles in Europe out of those 40 are dead till now. These statistics are presented according to the World Health Organization. It has been experienced by the Europeans that this disease might spread more if the parents still choose not to get vaccinate their children.

Measles is something new and a relatively rare disease in the U.S so people have no idea about how frightening this disease could be and what could be the severe impacts of this disease. Many of the people think measles to be a childhood disease but yet it is not. Silvia Rosetti who lives in Rome had a nightmare of falling prey with measles when she was 32 weeks pregnant and this is about year 2017.

Rosette now is of 41 years of age and when she was a child, there was no concept of measles vaccination and she had no idea that she could become a prey to this disease when she first got pregnant as she was healthy. But then suddenly she got caught to measles and the symptoms were all of a sudden that she could barely breathe as she had cough, cold, fever and congestion. Rosette said that this condition was so severe that she decided to have a C-section and after it she was in quarantine for five days that she wasn’t able to see her baby and as a consequence of her measles, her son also got pneumonia when he was newly born. She said that she had got rashes with her eyes and she wasn’t able to see anything. She recovered eventually and his son who is now 1 year old has got all his vaccinations.

She said that vaccination is necessary and if you love yourself, your children and your body and you want to protect everyone you love, you need vaccination. Rosetti is included in those 2000 people who have been diagnosed with this threatening disease of measles this year in Italy. Dr. Alberto Villdani said that this is really a serious situation and people are dying with measles and this situation was supposed to be unbelievable just five years ago.


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