Meghan Markle talking

Meghan Markle has given a new sense to the fashion world by wearing the combination of black and navy blue correctly. This combination was never a part of the fashion world, and there was a time when blue and black both together was regarded as a fashion no-no. Meghan wearing that excellent combination proves that this no-no fashion of blue-black is just an old rule which should now be disapproved as she looks stunning in that combination. She has introduced a new idea in the fashion world, and that is just amazing. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was looking extra ravishing while she was wearing this rare colour combination.

She was looking like a chick in that navy belted top with black pants. She wore that dress on an outing on Monday with Prince Harry. As because of the growing outings with the Queen and by some royal walkabouts, Meghan is now having a sense about the life as the Duchess of Sussex.

She is in the process of learning about the ups and downs in a way better than anyone else can. While understanding all the necessary things, she is still in the phase of finding some difficulties in learning some trends. Well, this isn’t deniable that Meghan has adopted too many things in the short time, but still, there are some things with which she is trying to manage well. Some of the rules and regulations in the royal household are found difficult for her to practice.

One of those rules is that the Queen wants the royal women in skirts or dresses while she is habitual of wearing trousers suits and there comes a problem for her in adjustment and she has also sometimes asked Harry that why are the things in a way they are. According to the source, not only adjusting with these things would be a problem for Meghan but she might get irritated sometimes because of all these new things in her life, and she might continue to face this irritation and difficulties until she has completely understood the rules and the ups and downs of the royal presence. She also takes the help in fashion from her sister in law, and she now uses to opt pantyhose rather than was miniskirts. She currently holds mini clutches, but there was a time when she used to carry larger bags.

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