Melania Trump: ‘I’m the most bullied person on the world’

In an interview which was aired Thursday, Melania Trump said that she is the most bullied person in world and this is the reason why she has created her initiative of anti-bullying ‘The Best’. She told about her being bullied in the interview after she had given her soft comments.  Melania Trump had her interview with ABC news during her solo tour to Africa which she did last week. In the interview she was asked about how she’d want to tackle the problem of cyberbullying.

She in reply said that she is the most bullied person in the whole world. After she had given this statement, Tom Llamas, the representative of ABC news asked her if she was really the most bullied person in the world and Melania Trump answered that she is among one of them. She said that if we really see what people talk about her, we will know that she is among the most bullied persons in the world. Trump was asked that how bullying can affect the children.

This question included her son Barron. She in the answer of the question said that we need to provide education to the children of society. The education should be based on the socio-emotional behaviors so that when those children grow up, they know the solution of those issues and they know that how they can handle those issues well.

According to Trump views, provision of this education is very important. The interview was taped and in the interview, Trump told ABC news that still there are some people who are working in Trump administration and the President Donald Trump don’t trust them. She told ABC news in the interview that she used to advise her husband Mr. Trump about whom he could trust and believe but she said that her husband liked to remain independent in such staffing decisions.

Melania Trump also said that if the women say that they are the victim, they need evidence to prove that they are right. She said that she is always honest with him and gives him true advices but he always does what he wants to do. When trump was asked about what her husband do when she tells him about some of the staff who can’t be trusted, she said that some of them then don’t work there anymore. These comments of her had followed an explosive New York Times which was published in the last month by an anonymous senior administration official of Trump.



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