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New book of Omaros

First Lady Melania Trump, played on the Stephen Colbert’s Late Show by Laura Benanti, has a few things to state about the new book of Omarosa. Talking about her book unhinged, Melania told Colbert that Omarosa is a whacky lowlife and added some more spice to it by saying that what kind of person, who is on the apprentice list, ends up in White House? Well, it surely brings up a lot of questions.

Taking a look at the administration of Trump in general, the pundits find it tough to get the message from the Benanti’s role as Melania as she states that the book from Omarosa is full of lies. But it may not be!

Omarosa Manigault Newman states that there are several recordings of president using the N-word to which Benanti’s Trump replied that she agrees to the statement of Colonel Sanders by which she referred to Sarah Sanders who is the Press Secretary of White House. Sarah said that she hasn’t been in every room with the president due to which she cannot rule out the existence of such tapes. Adding further, Melania said that she also like to avoid being in rooms with her husband.

Moreover, the questions were asked about Melania stirring up trouble intentionally for Trump quoting her dress as she visited the child immigration detention centers. She replied that these allegations are not true but at the same time she shows a pair of shoes with the Bill of Rights glued to the sole stating how patriotic she is. She also added that if this becomes a big story her husband will be mad at her and looking at the reaction it didn’t seemed to be much of a problem or a bad thing for her.


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