Melania Trump attends first official event in 24 days

Melania Trump, First lady of the US, attended an official event held at the White House on Monday afternoon, accompanied by her husband Donald Trump. This was her first public appearance after a 24-day long absence.

Washington. 8th. June, 2018: The event was a reception organized for more than 40 Gold Star military families. It took place in the East Room, the largest room in the White House. Melania Trump’s presence drew great attention, not due to the nature of the event, but rather because she had not been seen in public for a while.

On this occasion, the first lady thanked the military members as well as their families for their contribution. She further said that America grieves with all those who have lost their loved ones, and that the people of America owe their freedom to the “selfless sacrifices of our men and women in uniform”.

The Gold Star event remained private in order to guarantee the respect of the military family members. The press has thus not been able to make photos or videos. Last year, a similar event also remained private, explains Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s communications director.


It was reported that Donald Trump made a joke about his wife’s prolonged absence during the reception, saying that the media was being curious about where Melania had been. The joke became a little awkward when Trump started to tell more about the media speculation of Melania leaving her husband, as the event was held to grieve with Gold Start families, who have lost family members at war.

The first lady’s absence was being noted and pointed until she appeared on Monday’s event. People were wondering where she had been, even through memes on the internet. In a tweet last week, she said that she was at the White House, feeling great. She also thanked people for worrying about her.

The general public as well as political commentators, from the left and the right, were curious and wanted to know where their first lady was.

On May 10, Melania Trump had been seen seemingly happy and smiling at 3 a.m. when she, along with her husband, welcomed back hostages released from North Korea. She looked fresh and excited about the American hostages returning home, on American territory. On May 14, Melania Trump had to be hospitalized for a minor intervention related to her kidneys. After that, she remained admitted for five nights. The operation had been successful and there had been no complications. However, not seeing her in public made people anxious.

Melania Trump attends first official event in 24 days

According to Grisham, Mrs. Trump is a strong and determined woman who knows how to focus on her objectives, projects, and family. She also knows that speculations are not to be taken seriously.

The First Lady’s popularity is increasing day by day. Before her medical intervention, a poll conducted by CNN revealed that she was gaining popularity and that the spotlight did no longer make her uncomfortable. Indeed, she hosted her first official state dinner and shared her initiatives with guests not too long ago.

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