Men who can't do 10 push-ups at greater risk of heart disease, study says

The push up capacity of a person should be an easy way and it is an easy and a non cost method to avoid any cardiovascular disease risk in any of the settings.  A study recently has been done which says that the middle aged men who cannot complete at least 10 push-ups at a time could be simply at the risk of cardiovascular diseases higher than the other people who can do more than these push-ups.

According to the study, those men who can do more than 40 push-ups at a time have 97 percent decreased chances of getting a prey to the cardiovascular diseases.  The team of the Harvard University said that these people who do 40 push-ups at a time can have then no chance of getting any cardiovascular diseases but for those who can do push-ups only between 21 and 30, can have minor issues related to cardiovascular or even heart failure as well as compared to those who even cannot manage doing 10 push-ups.

According to what the authors have written in the journal, the participants who were able to do 11 at least or more than 10 are those who had importantly less risk of falling into any cardiovascular disease as compared to those who don’t even try.  

These push-ups were regarded to be even better predictor of the future heart health than from the benchmarks which have been established so far like they were running and simpler to complete making an ideal deal for the shorter spans of exercise.  The author Justin Yang who is from the Harvard TH School of the public health gave his statement in which he said that their findings basically provide some evidences which push-up the capacities which have been more easier and a completely no cost procedure which could help in decreasing the chances of cardiovascular risks which could be in any of the possible settings.  He added that surprisingly there is more pushup capacity which has the stronger associations with the cardiovascular disease risks as a result of the submaximal treadmill tests that could have been conducted. The study has been published on Friday that has used the data from a fitness test which took the data of more than 1000 firemen from US state of the Indiana who has enrolled between the year 2000 and 2007 and they have used the medical records too for testing the diagnosis of the cardiovascular diseases for the next decade.

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