Lunar Eclipse

A meteorite hit the moon during Monday’s total lunar eclipse

Those who have observed the lunar eclipse that happened on Monday are really blessed to see the meteorite impact which happened at the event. The eclipse that was called to be a super wolf blood moon has been watched eagerly by the lot of people around the world and most of them have seen it on a streaming video.  When the eclipse happened, people who see that observed a flash that was in yellow-white speck which popped up on the lunar surface and it was shown in the online broadcasts.  One reddit user has also raised the possibility that the tiny flash light was actually the impact of a meteorite which with there was some other sourced footages of the clip for that evidence. Another student from the University of Huelva in Spain, naming Jose Maria Madiedo has confirmed that whatever people have seen and the impacts have really occurred in reality.

There had been years for him and his colleagues spending time to hope for getting a chance to observe that how a meteorite impacts on the moon especially when there is a lunar eclipse but these events and situations are so bright that it becomes almost impossible for the person to see it clearly.  Well there are some videos in which the flash is much clearer.  On that particular event, Madideo had doubled the number of telescopes that had been trained being on different parts of the moon from four to eight and all the hopes were connected to see the impact that he had got the feelings that this time the chance wouldn’t be missed and this is surely going to happen.  After the eclipse, the software automatically started working and it pinpointed the flash in the imagery that was being captured in a lot of his telescopes.


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