Avenatti bailed out after being arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence, says he’ll be ‘exonerated’

The recent critic of President Trump, Michael Avenatti and he is also been known as the attorney for Stormy Daniels who is the adult film star. He got a bail at Wednesday evening after he has been arrested on the basis of domestic violence charges and he said that he would then be fully exonerated. When he got bailed, he then appeared in front of the teams of reporters and he denied the accusations which were made on him in front of the media. He in the interview thanks the LAPD by saying that he had left with no other option than that in the light of those accusations.

He said that he never in his lifetime had struck a woman and he will never be doing this act. He said that he has been an advocate for the women rights in his complete career and he wouldn’t quit this career and being an advocate. He said that he is not going to stop his mission in life and he won’t stop himself from doing what he is doing currently and he has been doing from past.

He continued saying that he has two beautiful daughters and by being a father he couldn’t ever think of touching a woman inappropriately or even striking a woman. He said that he is still hoping that there would be complete investigation regarding the matter and he would be set clear from all the accusations and that he would be declared as innocent. He also thanked everyone who was at his side for support and to those who knew that he had a clear character. He was actually charged for the accusations of domestic violence and he was set to bail at the cost of $50,000.

The arrest was  reported on media saying that the lawyer had kicked a woman out of an apartment and initially it was reported that the accident also involved Avenatti’s wife but before the whole situation has been described by stating it simply as a woman.

In the report, an unnamed law enforcement source was cited where it was mentioned that in the past it was exploring the presidential run of 2020 against Mr. President Donald Trump at the time when he started presenting the Daniels. Stephanie Clifford is actually called as Daniels and he said that she was having an affair with Donald Trump in the year 2006 and has been sued for the invalid confidentiality contract which she had signed in the presidential elections which happened in the year 2016.


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