Michelle Obama Book

Michelle Obama being the formal first lady has signed a book while she was in an appearance for her book that is becoming and it will be the most selling memoir. Becoming is the Michelle Obama’s Memoir could now become one of the biggest selling autobiographies ever. This has been said by the general publisher of the Memoir that the memoir expresses optimism regarding the forthcoming of Barack in taking account of two of his terms would also become a hit.

The recollections of the first former lady, for she is known to be receiving a reported advance that is about more than $60 million which she had received from Penguin Random house division of Bertelsmann.

She had also sold almost 10 million copies from November till now.  The CEO Thomas Rabe had a news conference in which he said that this now is to be made as the most notable piece of creative success in the last year that has given an increase of 2.8 gains in the last year in the publisher that is 183 years old. Along with the penguin house random, Barack Obama has also signed to give his consent to publish his White house memoir.

It has been hoped by Bertelsmann that this would be published in this year and the firm date has been set out as well. Penguin random house is considered to be  one of the eight divisions of and it has been reported to get a 1.3 percent rise in the revenue being the bestseller and also the audio book was there whose sales has helped to offset a more stronger drift away from the printed copy by the readers. The interests of Bertelsmann is also to span the magazine publishing, music, television and to expose it from the tech giants of silicon valley.


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