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Hundreds of candidates with science backgrounds are running in the midterm elections

This is regarded as a tremendous change in the politics regarding the midterm elections which were held this Tuesday that there was a historic strength of the minorities as well as the women for the office election. It has been a clear fray for the scientists, but this year the situation is change and bit advanced that there are even more than 450 candidates who are being the part of the election by having science backgrounds. The other candidate involves those with engineering and technological backgrounds and this is really a change.

Nurse from Chicago

The candidates involved a nurse from Chicago, lauren underwood, an aerospace engineer from texas naming Joseph Kopser. Not just these two, but there were a lot of candidates who really belonged to science backgrounds and they entered the political ground for the first time in their lives. Kosper also gave a statement in which he said that he thinks that they have got the things they have perceived it to be a danger like the concepts of facts and of science.

For him, it is not hard for jumping and changing the fields like this. He really seems to be excited and okay with the fact that if gets selected he is going to use the scientific methods and techniques to the politics. He said that the complete reason for which he shifted his field as a cadet at west point and why he always wanted that one day he would become an astronaut was just because he wanted it from his childhood. He said that now he had found that there is no space in America for the things like moon landings and this is the thing that would be the least discussed so he went in something regarding the public service as he always wanted a natural extension.

He said that on the basis of the scientific methods which he had been studying till now shows him that how can use the scientific methods smartly and also that how he could make hypothesis on the different aspects of the politics to have the leveraged ideas and for the testing of those ideas based on his wishes and wants. He said that this is the best think which he could ever know about the stereotypes that this how you can simply be the part of the discussions. He said that he is an engineer from profession and that would be in the politics for the solution of problem.


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