Migrants took down gate at Guatemala border that leads to Mexico

In a surprising event, a group of individuals, more than a hundred, from Central America, took down the border gate at Guatemala that leads to Mexico, in the border town of Tecun Uman, Guatemala.

The Mexican officials state that a group is seeking entry via Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico. According to the videos from Prensa Libre, Guatemalan newspaper, there are several individuals arguing with the immigration officials and at the Guatemala / Mexico border.

As the Mexican officials asked them to put up their requests in an orderly manner, bring their families in front and line up to request transit, the individuals can be seen getting furious.

A volunteer firefighter in Tecun Uman stated that there were many policemen as well as the migrants that were injured while the group brought down the gate, pushing and kicking the way through border gates situated at the Guatemalan side of the border. Among the individuals that were injured, a lot of them were suffering from tear gas and were treated appropriately which was fired by police to bring order as there was chaos everywhere.

According to the reports, a larger group which consists of thousands of people form Central America are winding their way through the southern side of Mexico. These migrants are looking to reach U.S. border. However, the Mexican officials have offered them asylum only in case if they are to stay along the southern states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

The notable thing is that this news comes the same day as Defense Secretary Jum Mattis stated that the military has already been dispatched and is taking countermeasures to assure the security at the southern border of U.S.

Along with the jersey barriers sent by Pentagon, there has been a plan of deployment of active duty troops.

Secretary for Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, stated that the migrants won’t get ‘in.’

“There’s a legal way to enter this country,” she said. “Those who choose to enter illegally will be stopped. We are working with our partners in Mexico. They have taken unprecedented efforts within their territory to ensure an orderly flow and that those who have no legal right to be there are removed. We intend to do the same.”

Adding further, she advised the batch of migrants not to come as they won’t be allowed because this is not the right way to immigrate to United States.


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