Trump Cancels Military Parade

President Donald Trump has cancelled the military parade in Washington D.C. this fall as he said that the price tag is a little too high which was given by D.C. officials. According to the reports, a budget of $92 million was asked.

The president tweets that the local politicians are running the capital poorly and are always up to grab money whenever they see the opportunity. They were asked to give a price for the military parade but their demand was so high that the parade had to be cancelled eventually.

He further stated that one should never let anybody hold him up. He would rather go to the big parade which is already taking place at the Andrews Air Force Base on a different date and would head over to the Paris parade which marks the end of the War on 11th of November. As for the parade in D.C, they would do it when the costs come way down. But for now, they might buy some more jet fighters.

According to the words from defense official, the upper estimate for the cost of parade was $92 million which was a little too much above the initial estimates.

Muriel Bowser, D.C. Mayor, responded in a tweet to the president’s claims stating that she is a mayor of Washington D.C. and a lady who went through the reality star in White House with the truth of $21.6M for parades, events, demonstrations which were being stated in Trump’s America.

Trump asked for this military parade to be organized earlier this year. However, now the Department of Defense said that it has been delayed till 2019. The parade is being planned to honor the military veterans of WWI.

The estimate for this parade has taken a great rise in the price as the White House budget director Mick Mulvaney told Congress that it can be held anywhere between $10 million to $30 million.

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