Monkees bassist Peter Tork

He slipped away peacefully’: Monkees bassist Peter Tork dies at 77 after being diagnosed with rare tongue cancer 10 years ago

Peter Tork, the monkees singer had died this Thursday by being at the age 77. His sister has confirmed the news of his death but still the cause of death is unclear.  The facebook had a post regarding this event which reads that this is something beyond heavy and the broken hearts which everyone shares with the devastating news of the death of their friend, teacher, amazing soul and a mentor. He was diagnosed with the rare cancer cystic carcinoma in the year 2009 but by 2012 he was shown clear due to the effectiveness of his treatment.  While Monkee Mike Nesmith said that he was told that he slipped away in a peaceful situation.

This Thurday, Bandmate Micky Dolenz had posted on Twitter stating that he has no words right now for the death and the heartbroken loss of Peter Tork.   Sometime ago, Peter Tork had spoken to the reporters saying that he was an alcoholic having the 34 years of his life clean and once he picked up the first drink of his life, he couldn’t have resisted it any more.  According to the reports till now, he died on Thursday of age 77.  Last Wednesday, he had celebrated his 77th birthday with his fourth wife and children where everyone from his family and friends had posted on social media saying that they were very thankful for him for being so special and being a part of their lives.




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