Montel Williams takes on Trump Administration for joking on healthcare

The elections are on the way and there is just a little time before everyone will be out and voting. All the individuals should use their right to vote and no one must leave the ballot paper unfilled because the next few years and your country would be at stake.

Montel Williams took onto the trump administration stating that he cannot support a party who is looking to sabotage the healthcare for Americans. It is more important than the partisanship.

It all came from the day of Halloween when the administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Seema Verma, joked on twitter about healthcare. In a tweet, she referred ‘Medicare for All’ as the scariest costume that a person can wear on Halloween.

Republic Vs. Democrats Healthcare System

Williams stated that he is a Miami resident and a former longtime Republican. He is not laughing at these jokes. Instead, he will use the right of vote to help those gain seats that make health care a priority.

He further stated that there was a time when he was a proud Republican and a person who served among them. However, they left him unsatisfied along with other 130 million Americans that are below 65 years old and have a pre-existing condition. Therefore, he will be voting accordingly as healthcare is a right which must be given to everyone rather than a political football which can be played to gain higher end.

However, he made it clear that his ideas weren’t affected by the tweet of Seema Verma stating that it is not just a single tweet or policy which makes him vote for the Democratic Party. He had been through a personal experience as a few months ago, while working out in the gym, he had a pop sound in his head with a wave of disorientation and tiredness. Upon diagnosis, it was cerebral hemorrhagic stroke. The ambulance was called timely and after spending 21 days in hospital, with a week in intensive care, he is lucky to have made it back to normal life.

Saying further, he came up with a very strong point as he said that when someone brushes death, it forces the person to count on the blessings and he did so. Upon counting, he found out that the biggest blessing he had was the ability to afford healthcare, which makes him vote for the cause.


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