More than 400 dead and hundreds injured in Indonesia earthquake and tsunami

The rescue operations are still going in search of the survivors as two days passed since the powerful earthquake hit the island of Sulawesi followed by a tsunami that killed over 400 people.

The magnitude was recorded 7.5 and the coastal city of Palu, with population of over 350,000 people, was struck by water. It smashed into the buildings and took houses apart.

The Indonesian Disaster Management Agency stated that there are 405 confirmed deaths early on Sunday according to the bodies that have been found yet. Also, 400+ people are suffering from severe injuries.

The spokesperson further added that there are many individuals that are still buried under the pile of rubble and buildings. The lack of heavy equipment and man power is slowing down the operation.

Also, the electricity and communications have been cut off by the disaster due to which the assessing of damage in Palu has been made tough. The nearby fishing community of Donggala has also suffered from the disaster.

Not only the Urban cities, people living in remote areas and far off villages have also suffered. The latter are hard to reach and tough to find.

Moreover, the Palu airport was closed because of which the relief teams had to reach the area by road. Sulawesi is a big island and if you take a drive to the area from nearest airport, it takes around 10 to 12 hours to reach the location. The road infrastructure is also damaged which makes it even tough for rescue teams to speed up the operation.

The authorities have urged residents in Palu to stay away from their homes. They have stated that it is best for people to keep distance from buildings, fields, roads, and yards. There will be aftershocks which might add up to the damage that has already been done.

As the hospitals are damaged too, people are being treated outside the hospital buildings. Electricity is all out in Palu and roads are damaged. Phone network is also not working in the area.

The Indonesian disaster management authority said that they are hoping for some help. Medicine, canvas, nurses, tents, all are required.

It all started on Friday when a series of tremors were felt about 35 miles north of Palu. Three earthquakes of 4.9 and higher magnitude were recorded about three hours before the tremor near Palu which triggered a tsunami which hit the beaches of Palu and Donggala. The tsunami was as much as 3 meters in height and did heavy damage to the buildings and infrastructure.

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