Moss Side shooting

Ten people got hurt in the shooting that took place in the Moss side area in Manchester. Among the ten injured people, two were children of age above 12 years. After all the investigation and the evidences, the police has addressed it as an attempted murder.

The police thinks that the injuries caused are actually  “pellet-type wounds” shot by a shotgun. These were shot at the street party going on in Claremont Road at about 02:30 BST. Nine victims have been slightly injured while one man has a serious broken leg.

The shooting took place at the party that took place after the first day of the weekend’s Caribbean Carnival had passed, it took place in the Alexandra Park.

The nine slightly wounded victims were soon stable but the man with the broken leg was in a serious condition. Two of the victims of the Moss side area shooting in Manchester visited the hospital but they were examined and discharged with nothing serious detected.

Ch Supt Wasim Chaudhry, who is from the Greater Manchester Police, reported that the injured were mostly aged between 12 and their 50s and mostly suffered wounds on heir legs.

“Discharging a firearm… in as large a crowd as this is completely reckless,” he said.

“I think its more by luck than by anything else that people haven’t suffered life-threatening injuries,” he added, saying the motive remained unclear.

He said two armed officers were “quickly in attendance, within a minute in fact”, later joined by other officers.

The police appealed that anyone who knew anything about the Moss side area shooting to contact them as they believe firmly that it was a plotted murder shooting of ten people.

The Caribbean Carnival chairman Mike Bisson said that people had come from all across the country to the “flagship” carnival, which continued on Sunday.

“Whatever happened outside has no connection to the carnival and it will be safe today and the crowds are coming in.

“The spirit of carnival is dance, music, vibrancy and well-behaved people enjoying themselves.”

Councillor Pat Karney said: “You can’t tar a whole community because of some idiotic behaviour.

“I think the fact that over 16,000 people came out to the carnival yesterday indicates the strength of the community here and their desire to celebrate their area.”

The police is investigating further to know what exactly happened and why.

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