mourning orca mom carried her dead baby for days through the ocean

A mourning orca mom carried her dead baby for days through the ocean

It is said like happiness, grief is a universal emotion to be felt by all. And this quotation is very well explained in an image released today showing an orca mother swimming across the coasts of Victoria Canada, carrying the body of her departed baby

The center for whale research is responsible to track and to research the east Pacific Ocean whale population, this center on 24th of July noticed a calf on the day it was born. They noticed that the calf, unfortunately, died within a few hours after the birth. The body of the dead calf sank into the ocean’s water and the mother of the calf kept pushing the body and kept it afloat for three days as the mother along with her pod swam on.

In a report with CNN, the founder of the center for whale research Ken Balcomb told that it can be said that the mother and her pod knew accurately what they were up to.

He also explained that pod and the mother knew that the calf was dead but still they continued to float the body, he believes that maybe it was a gesture of grief or some ceremonial thing performed by the whaling mother, she just didn’t have the ability to let go of the baby, it can be said that it is the same whale that possibly lost other two calves within eight years since her first children. For the past three years, none of this whale’s babies survived.

Like this, the sad picture shows something deeper than just the grieving mother and the lost baby. In the Pacific Northwest, the population of the killer whale is decreasing enormously; the statics found for deaths of infants and the viable pregnancies is absolutely shocking. The mother of the dead infant belonged to the breed of the southern resident killer whale population. There is now only 75 such whales alive in this area of population, sadly the birth rate of this population is zero for the past few years.

The survival rate of the infants was zero for the past three years. From the CWR report, it is found that 75% of the newborn babies did not survive the infancy period. The main cause behind this survival rate is the insufficiency of food in their scavenging area, insufficiency of food is due to the poor environmental conditions.



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