Michael Bublé

The famous singer, Michael Buble has made an announcement that he is going to retire once after his final album has been released. He made this announcement because his son has been diagnosed with liver cancer and now he thinks that he could not be able to maintain a public life anymore. He also announced that he will leave using social media accounts too. He had an emotional interview with the Daily Mail in which Buble said that he will not be a part of interviews anymore and once his last music album is released, he will just concentrate on his family. When he was asked about the tragedy of his son’s diagnosis with liver cancer, he said that his life has changed completely and his perception of life is changed.

He said that this thing is so problematic that he doesn’t know if he could get through this interview with crying. He said that he had never lost control over his emotions in the public in his life before. He said that he now don’t have the strength for it and for this celebrity narcissism. He said that this is going to be his last interview and now he is retiring.

He said that he has made the perfect record and now he is leaving at the top point. Luckily his son’s cancer has now decreased but Buble on the other hands feels like as if he has done with pressure and anxiety of being this much famous. Michael Buble had been in the studio to record for his album Love which will then be released on 16th November. He said that this would be his last album. He further said that this thing was not straightforward as it seems that his son has recovered so he should make an album. He said that he has told his manager that he wants to take rest for ten years so that he could spend time with his family.

He said that he would miss the company of the guys who are a part of his band and he has told them to come to his house and have fun and they also came and partied.  He also had an interview with The Today Show; he said thanks and paid tribute to his supporters and fans who had helped him to get through the darkest times of his life in the last years. He also talked about bearing so much worst things which you can hardly hear about by being a parent or even as a common human being.


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