Sara Iftekhar is the student at Huddersfield and she is the student of law. She is a Muslim and she is in the contest to become Miss England. Sara would be the very first to take part in the catwalk for Miss England by wearing a hijab. According to the daily mail reports, Sara will be wearing hijab in her Miss England catwalk. Sara is a strong candidate and is studying law in the University of Huddersfield. Sara has got high hopes that she’ll win the crown in the contest next week. The contest is going to be held in Kelham Hall, Nottinghamshire. Sara Iftekhar has given her views and according to her she can’t explain her feelings. She said that it is not impossible for her explain that how much amazing she is feeling to reach her goal and to this point in the competition.

In July, she posted her selfie on her instagram account. She was holding a trophy in her hand and the picture carried a caption and according to that Sara was so much happy and amazed by getting selected as a finalist in the contest. She was so excited when she was chosen as the finalist the Miss England contest of 2018. Sara further stated on her instagram account that she has got an amazing experience and this is something which she is never going to forget.

She calls her selection as the finalist of Miss England to be the best thing which has ever happened to her in her life. She said that she would never forget this event and will always remain grateful for everything. She further added that her experience of the Miss England journey is so wonderful and memorable for her and she had never thought before that she could be able to be a part of this journey. According to the views of Sara, she feels herself to be honored because she was selected in the top 50 out of the 22000 women who were there to take part in the contest.

She said that she is excited and she can’t wait to see that how this journey ends. Sara Iftekhar is using her publicity in raising funds for the children who are unprivileged and by this money she’ll help them. These funds are being generated for the last 46 years under a name ‘beauty with a purpose’ and she is trying to gain more charity by using her fame.


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