National security aide headed for exit after clash with Melania Trumps office

National security aide headed for exit after clash with Melania Trump’s office

It is now been expected that a feud with the first lady’s office is now going to cost a senior adviser of national security her job. This is just because she managed to spare the other members and the east wing staff of the trump’s administration. On Tuesday, that dispute was spilled in the public view and it happened in a complete fashion when the first lady has officially released her statement in which she had been calling for the deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel.

Another which happened is that it has been confirmed through various sources that it is clearly announced by Trump that Ricardel would now be fired but according to the officials, it is said that she would be given some time so that her desk would be cleared if needed.

Anyhow those statements were not clearly cleared after she had made her exit. The first lady now no longer deserves that she should be serving in the white house and this has been said by the communication director Stephanie Grisham in her statement which she had given on Tuesday.

That statement was announced so surprisingly to the public that she would no longer be allowed to serve in her husband’s administrations and after all the reports have been clearly confirmed, it was indicated on the Tuesday morning that she would be pushed out of her post after it has just been seven years for her to be at that post. Ricardel and not even her spokesperson talked to any of the news reporters for any comments after this announcement was made.

While this is simply the reflection for the faster moving events and soon after this announcement was made regarding ricardel being fired, another senior officer from the administration denied it to be false news. Till Tuesday afternoon, Ricardel was found in her office and it has been confirmed through various sources that the official denied for the further speculation of ricardel’s future in the Trump’s administration.

This departure of the first lady is going to leave john Bolton as the national security advisor with one of the keys of alley in his administration and that he was actually a deputy who has been sharing his penchant in the bureaucratic wars. A person, who was somehow relevant to the matter and had some idea said that ricardel once had a fight with the staff sitting over there at the plane.



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